Everyday life is not only hectic and challenging but it is also filled with unnatural hazardous doses of smoke, traffic, noise, etc., which is extremely undesirable. When you come home after being out all day that dirt and smog makes your carpet smell awful and it stains and soils it so badly.

Dirty Carpets are Unhygienic

With your carpet being exposed to your dog or cat and other things which are spilled on it like food or liquid it is bound to get dirty and smelly. Soon you might see fungus and bacteria developing on it which can be very unhygienic and horrendous to your health, especially if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies and asthma. Everybody is involved and busy in their day to day life and it becomes quite difficult to take some time off to deal with your carpets.

Removing the Pet Odor from your Carpet

You can remove pet odor from your carpet by taking care of two things – disinfecting the microbes from your carpet and making your carpet fragrant. This is what is meant by Microban Treatment. It is a kind of treatment given to your soiled carpet that does not mask the odor but eliminates it once and for all. It’s time to call a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet and remove that odor once and for all. At Blue Water Steam Cleaning, our company believe there’s more to taking care of your carpet than cleaning it. We likewise want to help you extend the life of your financial investment. That’s why we suggest the application of a professional-strength carpet deodorizer Microban.

What causes Pet Odors in Carpet?

From cooking to kids to family pets, your house sees a lot of action, and carpet odor is unavoidable. However nobody wants carpet odors to stick around. Regrettably, fragrant candle lights and sprays only mask the odors, and they definitely cannot reach smells that are soaked up into your carpet. Blue Water Steam Cleaning carpet deodorizers function as an odor eliminator and a pet odor remover if you have pets, neutralizing them at their source. Our qualified service technicians will deodorize your entire carpet, paying special focus on any problem locations. When the job is done, your carpet is super clean and has a fresh, pleasing scent.

Blue Water Steam Cleaning’s Special Deodorizer

Blue Water Steam Cleaning’s deodorizer helps eliminate carpet odors. Carpet fibers are naturally resistant to dry soil and water-based spots, however an extra carpet enzyme protectant assists to improve that resistance. Even though carpet is typically treated with carpet protector when it’s being made, that defense after everyday wear and tear eventually weakens. It’s the inescapable outcome of everyday heavy traffic, vacuuming, and soil and dirt.

At Blue Water Steam Cleaning, we advise applying carpet enzyme odor eliminator after every cleaning. For houses with kids and family pets, this is an absolute must for protecting your carpet and keep it looking and smelling it’s best year round.

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