We use a Carpet Prespray, also known as Traffic Lane Cleaner. Pre-spraying the carpet allows the chemical to dwell on the carpet, breaking down and dissolving soils so that they can be more effectively removed by the Carpet Steam Cleaning Process. suspend carpet soils, leaving carpets clean and healthy after cleaning.

Before pre-spraying your carpet our technicians do a walk through with you, the owner, to make sure we use the right chemicals to get the right results.

Prespray is by far one of the most important steps to cleaning carpet. They will determine what type of carpeting you have, such as Berber or plush. They will also determine the fiber type, whether it’s natural or synthetic. The technician will ask you questions about your carpet and about any stains or soils that they see to learn more about your carpet. They will also note high traffic areas.

PreSpray the Carpet

Your technician uses an effective pre-spray solution as the first step in breaking down the embedded soils in the carpeting. The pre-spray solution is counteracts the acidic (pH below 7) nature of most soiling with its alkaline (pH above 7) qualities. This difference in pH between the solution and the soils helps break down the soils. The technician evenly sprays this solution over the entire carpeted area so that all of the soils are treated.

Allow Dwell Time of the Carpet Pre-Spray

Just as with any type of cleaning, it is necessary to allow the carpet cleaning solution time to ‘do its work’. After pre-spraying and agitation, the technician then allows the solutions time to dwell in the carpeting. The typical dwell time for pre-spray solutions to effectively breakdown soils in most carpets is about 5 minutes. It’s worth the wait!

Spot and Carpet Stain Removal

Sometimes the pre-spray solution will not get rid of all of your stains. Some stains are so embedded that your technician must use a special solution to get them out. For example, sometimes rust, kool-aid or makeup can cause these types of stains. Your technician has the right chemicals that help with the additional breakdown of tough stains. It is important to know that not all stains can be removed or even reduced. For example, if a staining agent destroys carpet dyes, there is no spotting solution that can bring that dye back to life. Also, some stains will only lighten up or appear reduced because, over time, stains become more permanent on carpeting.

In Closing…

Last but not least the carpet cleaning process begins, then drying.

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