We offer Scotchgard™ Treatment for Extra Carpet Protection

If you plan on staying in an apartment for awhile or looking to cut down on cost as far as cleaning the carpet in your home then Blue Water highly recommends the Scotchgard treatment. This will protect the carpets, in most cases, from stains and dirt build up in high traffic areas.

The advantage to carpet cleaning completed professionally then adding Scotchgard protection might be costly, but it is worth its weight in gold. This will keep you from getting ruined padding and carpet, stained carpet and all kinds of damage that keeps you from getting a deposit back if you are a renter. When you call Blue Water you hire a specialist, your carpet will be left healthy, just about like new and have a protective coating from stainage.

The Downside to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Carpet Cleaning and Protection

For those who decide to do the carpet cleaning yourself, you might save some money – but are you? Going to your local store and renting a machine, buying the chemicals, then purchasing Scotchgard can run up a bill or two. Please don’t forget to add your time and labor – that’s worth money as well, then watch out for the ‘gotchas’. I have been called out on more than one occasion to clean up after a rented carpet cleaning machine. You never know who had this equipment before you or if it’s broken or what. They tend to make more of a mess than they clean up.

If you choose to do it by yourself, do a little bit of homework as to the different chemicals used in specialized carpet cleaning and make sure no one will be walking on the carpet for about 3-4 hours after it is cleaned. Some carpet cleaning commercial products and solutions can include harsh chemicals or trigger mildew to grow in the carpet if it is not suctioned or dried adequately. You could look for chemical names on the container for this kind of solvents or mildewcides, but any of these chemicals can irritate skin or make it hard to breathe. The ideal solution is to keep all people out until the carpet is completely dry and use a mask while you are carpet cleaning.

Use fans to speed drying or switch the central air on. Professionals can use big industrial blowers or air movers which get the job done faster but are highly-priced for the average customer to afford.

Carpet Cleaning and Scotchgard in Closing

One more thought about renting a rug doctor or something similar to that…who had that before you and what were they cleaning with it? When they brought it back to the distributor, was it cleaned properly? Chances are the answer is no. So you end up spreading all of those germs around the house when the goal was to get them all out…

The bottom line in protecting carpet is you might be far better off hiring a professional to try and do the carpet cleaning and applying Scotchgard, just be sure to request this as it is an extra procedure that is not included with regular carpet cleaning.

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