How to Remove Paint From Your Beautiful Carpet

Great, paint has just dropped onto your lovely carpet. Now what? Don’t worry just yet. I’ve got some tips to help you out, but we’ve got to get moving. By the way, if paint hasn’t dropped on your carpet yet, keep this article handy in case it ever does.

Ok, the key here is acting lightning fast. If the paint has dried on the carpet, you’re going to need a lot of help,

When trying to remove wet pain from your carpet, don’t wipe it! You must blot it gently using a clean towel. The goal here isn’t to make it disappear just yet. You want to get as much of it as possible, so all that’s left is the possible stain.

Next, grab a white cloth and get it wet with some rubbing alcohol. Keep using the blotting method. Also, don’t have the cloth dripping with the rubbing alcohol. You don’t want it dripping all over the carpet, which could ruin it.

Many stain specialist believe the next step should be to blot the stain with dishwashing liquid. Get 1 cup warm water and mix in 1 tsp. of the dishwashing soap into it. Blot the stain. From here you want to rinse it wish cool water (spray bottle helps here). Repeat as needed.

The area is now wet, so you need to soak up the moisture. Get some paper towels, a clean white towel or something with a lot of suction power. Lay it down on the wet area and weigh it down with something very heavy so it soaks up all the moisture that’s deep in the carpet.

You could also use Hydrogen Peroxide, but be very careful here. You need to do it lightly and quickly see if any of the colors are coming off. If not, it should be ok.

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