How To Clean A Rug At Home

When you ask a question such as “How to clean a rug at home” I take it you would not be interested in taking a big rug to professional carpet cleaners for a cleaning service.

I also get an impression you are looking for ways to clean your carpet or rug on your own, without calling in help such as a commercial carpet cleaning service.

Also, from the way you are asking, I take that by “clean a rug” you really don’t mean vacuuming the rug or sweeping it with a broom. I take it you have tried one or the other, and had little or no success.

So let’s see what you could consider if you want to do some quality carpet cleaning right at home. What kind of stains do you need help with? Do you have pets that may have soiled your carpet? Or do you feel the stains in the rug might be food stains? These are really the most common sources of carpet stains.

Fortunately, there are some very simple carpet cleaning solutions that you can try to clean a rug at home. One of them simply involves a household staple, the vinegar. The others include purchasing an inexpensive carpet shampooer, or a small steam cleaner. Let’s see which one of the home carpet cleaners might work best for you.

The vinegar solution

If you have just a few dark stains in your carpet, it is safe to try the vinegar solution. Mix some of the vinegar from your fridge with water, take a cloth, and rub the vinegar into the stained carpet with the cloth. Apply some pressure and continue for a few seconds. Has the stain gone away? If so, great! Your job is done! Just allow the spot to dry. A very cheap carpet cleaning option!

If the rug stain has not gone away, or if it has, but you have many more stains to take care of and you feel like it is a big manual job to treat them all with vinegar, you are probably right. Bending down on the floor is not the most comfortable position for your back, either. When you have many stains to take care of you would be better off to buy or rent a carpet cleaner. You should either buy or rent a steam cleaner, or buy or rent a rug shampooer.

Steam cleaner to the rescue

When you have multiple carpet and upholstery stains, a steam cleaner can remove them quickly and efficiently. Also, you will be able to use a steam cleaner in the upright position, just like your trusty vacuum cleaner. Carpet steam cleaning will remove stains using a high temperature (200 F to 300 F) steam vapors under high pressure. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Rug shampooer choice

Another rather inexpensive option that will spare you rubbing the carpet stains away with your bare hands is the carpet shampooer. They come in sizes from small, portable hand held carpet shampooer, to a large upright carpet shampoo machine. Either way, a combination of heated detergent liquid, and the agitation with the rotating brush should remove just about any type of stain imaginable.

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