How to Care for Oriental Rugs in Your Home

Oriental rugs are hand made rugs from Oriental countries. Most of them are very attractive. It is having very good design and color. They are made from natural fibers. These fibers are soft and very comfortable. It is nice to have an oriental rug in our home as it will keep dust away from our home. In addition to this they add more beauty and cleanness in our room.

Though it is nice to own oriental rugs, it is hard to clean it. Most of the time users need the assistance of professional cleaners to clean them. It is mainly due to the difficulty in cleaning them using regular cleaning devices. Oriental rugs are made from natural fibers. So we know natural fibers are not as strong as artificial fibers. Due to this we cannot use hard detergents to clean them.

Now let us check how to clean them in our home. It is nice to use vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from Oriental rugs. We should always remember the fibers used in it. It is natural fibers and not as strong as other rug fibers. So while vacuuming it, we should not apply vacuum cleaner too near to the surface of the rug. We should always use a medium power vacuum cleaner to clean them. Also make sure the vacuum cleaner is not pulling fibers from the rug.

If you find stain or spot on them, better consult a professional cleaning company in your area. Any newbie attempt to remove the stain may fix it. It is very hard to remove permanent stain. So in a nutshell you need to be very careful with oriental-rugs in your home. Proper cleaning in a timely manner can increase the life of oriental floor textiles in your home.

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