How Carpet Cleaning Is Related to Your Health?

Carpets are textiles just as upholstery, linens and clothing. Bad maintenance is the top reason why carpets go through premature wear and tear. Most people generally vacuum their carpets once or twice a week, but with the passage of time, the carpets are overused leading stains and marks. This is when the help of professional Cleaning Services will be required. Vacuuming the carpets every day does extend its lifespan as vacuuming removes loose soil which damages the fibers of the fabric.

Dirty Carpets Leads to Indoor Air Pollution

A majority of people spend most of their time being inside the house rather than staying outdoors without realizing that they are inhaling indoor air pollutants. A long exposure to air pollutants has significant ill effect on a person’s health and well being.

The increase in the indoor air pollution have been greatly witnessed in recent years, this is mainly due to factors such as buildings that have been constructed really close to each other, use of air conditions instead of letting natural air come in, the usage of products that have been manufactured using chemically formulated materials.

Poor air quality in the house leads to the cause of allergies in humans. When a person is facing an allergic reaction, it weakens the immune system and exhausts the body’s energy which leaves people to be more vulnerable to catching viral and bacterial infections.

Regular carpet cleanings removes contaminants from carpet and these contaminants to keep the air clean. It is therefore, mandatory to keep the carpets vacuumed not only to maintain its appearance, but also for maintaining a hygienic space.

Protecting the Carpet

The original features of the carpet can drastically be made to last longer by following a proper maintenance routine. A well maintained carpet immensely improves the quality of a home’s atmosphere by keeping it healthy.

There are certain things that people can do to extend the longevity of their carpet’s life, such as by taking off the shoes outdoors before walking on the carpets as the fibers of the carpets tend to get scuffed and soiled when it is rubbed by the soles of a shoe.

Food crumbs and drink spills increase the growth of contaminants like bacteria, viruses and mold. However, daily vacuuming greatly reduces the chances of bacterial growth on the carpet surface. It is therefore, important to have the carpets professionally cleaned by trained technician regularly.

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