Dirty Carpets Can Damage Your Health

Are you often becoming ill with a cold or cough or do you just often catch some form of sickness bug? Very few people consider it, but there is a chance your re-occurring illnesses may have something to do with the cleanliness of your carpets.

Many people will only professionally clean their carpets if they’re selling their home or moving out of their rented home. However, the majority of these people are unaware that carpets and rugs make cosy homes for microbes and bacteria. Just like your coffee table or windowsill, your carpets can get extremely dusty and become an appealing home and breeding ground for dust mites. As many people are allergic to dust mites, once these creatures die we are actually breathing in their remains and this can lead to whole host of health problems such as, skin rashes, eye and nose problems.

When something is spilt on your carpet, leaving a nasty stain, we automatically want to rub the mark out with a wet cloth or sponge. Although it’s important not to leave stains on your carpets, using a wet cloth can make carpets extremely damp for long periods of time. Experts have discovered that this can significantly increase the risks of several different types of asthma, as organisms known as microbial growth can breed and infest damp carpets. There are many foam and spray cleaning products available that are specifically designed to get stains out of carpets. However, these cleaning products will only remove the stain’s appearance, germs could still be infesting deep into the carpet, therefore a professional carpet cleaner is needed in order to eliminate the stain.

Often the cause of cold like symptoms is if there is any mould in the home. Mould is often found on damp walls, however if your carpets are uncared for it can also spread over your floors and fill your home with harmful bacteria, making you and your family prone to many different types of sicknesses. Mould also produces a range of toxins, of which cause a variety of serious health problems including, stomach infections and the wearing down of the body’s defences.

Dirty carpets can also include health issues such as, athlete’s foot. Many of us will willingly walk on carpets with no shoes on socks on, however dirty carpets may have parasitic organisms, which can enter the body through tiny cuts in the feet and cause a range of infections. These infections are also often contagious and can spread around your home and onto other people’s feet.

If you have a pet dog or cat, it’s possible they may bring flees into the home. Once brought into the home flees can live in carpets and survive and breed through biting humans or animals. Through using a professional carpet cleaning machine once a month, any flees or other creatures surviving in the pile will be eliminated.

You may think you have the cleanest home in the world or you may have recently bought brand new carpets, but the fact it is that harmful bacteria and germs can easily survive and breed on the tiniest amount of dirt. For a clean and healthy home, call a professional carpet cleaning company.

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