10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets You Must Know

This article was about 7 carpet cleaning tips…we upgraded 😉

As popular as carpets are in decorating home spaces, they also add a style quotient in the rooms where they are placed by enhancing the space and texture. Apart from adding the style to the room, carpets are hugely ornamental in the interior design of the space in relation to the furniture.

As precious and appreciated carpets are, unfortunately, they are also victims to dirt, spills, tear and wear. It is a plight, for the owner, to witness their favorite carpet undergo such unavoidable atrocities, and thus, it is important to understand secrets from the carpet cleaning pros, that help in maintaining that piece of décor ever so clean and admirable!

1. Avoid rubbing stains – The pros vouch for this technique! Blot cleaning the stains helps lighten the marks while rubbing the stain may cause it to go deeper into the fiber of the carpet. Blot with a mild pressure using a wet towel cloth.

2. The magic of vinegar and soda – Blotting the stains of wine and beer with soda works wonders. However, you can add one portion of white vinegar with water and spray on the surface with stains. Let it soak and blot with a towel cloth. Rinsing with warm water thereafter is highly recommended.

3. The shaving cream wonder – Top cleaning experts claim that rubbing a shaving cream can help remove almost any stain. Let the shaving cream sit on a stain for a while and blot it away with a dry cloth.

4. The dreaded gum! – How heartbreaking when you accidentally spill a gum on the carpet and it sticks there! Worry not, experts say let it dry at its position and easily remove it with an ice-cube!

5. Grease with ease! – Dishwasher liquid can be used to remove stubborn grease marks, mix a few drops with water and spray over the grease, and blot it away with utmost ease.

6. Candle wax on carpets – Do not dread that dripping candle on your carpet, the wax can be removed by placing a cloth over wax stain and heating it with an iron. Heating the wax helps it to be easily scraped off the surface. Do not directly use the iron on the carpet and do not heat for more than 30 seconds.

7. Blood stains – Blood stains are as painful as the cuts that caused them. Do not worry. Mix a portion of water and detergent and scrape out as much as you can. If the stains persist, use hydrogen peroxide on the stain- it foams up and then it can be blotted away with a cloth, leaving your carpet clean.

8. Pet stains – As adored and trained our pets are, accidents can happen. Only organic cleaners should be used with sufficient scrubbing to do away with the stains and smells.

9. Candy crushed at a wrong place? – Do not fret. Scrape off the candy with a butter knife and gently scrub the area with a mild liquid detergent and water. However, do it urgently to avoid dirt and debris. Blot dry with towels.

10. Maintain hygiene by regular cleaning – Clean the carpets with a vacuum cleaner regularly to avoid dirt settling in the deep strands.

Adore your carpets and get admiration from visitors all the time with these great and simple hacks! Happy cleaning!

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